What’s it all about?

The main aim of this blog is to stimulate and hold your interest in cell and molecular biology and especially to try to keep you up to date with exciting cancer developments in a kind of follow-up to Betrayed by Nature. Which I hope is great but, in focusing on the wonderful science, there is a tendency to overlook the fact that it’s really all about people – of which there are two groups: those who find this whole field of science fascinating, whether they actually work on cancer or not, and those who have to deal with it in themselves or in their friends and loved ones. And of course the two come together sometimes, as shown in the dramatic story of Dr. Lukas Wartman, told in Genetic Roulette in a New World.

Even before BbN was published it had changed my life in the most wonderful and unexpected of ways through people who had contacted me to tell of their adventures in coming to terms with the Big C and who were also kind enough to say very nice things about my book. Most recently they have been joined by Cameron Von St. James and his wife Heather who have produced a short video about her cancer experience (http://can.cr/heather). It’s beautifully made, it’s stimulating, informative, moving and amusing. Above all it is inspiring for all of us who have anything to do with cancer – and that really does mean all of us.

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