Now For Something Completely Different

As our faithful followers know, in these columns we adhere very strictly to science and in particular to cancer biology.

However, the time has come to reveal that we do engage in pursuits beyond science. Mainly because we need you all to support cottage industries by forking out $2.99 for our latest book Wooffie Says …

What is it? A book of short stories aimed firstly at youngsters learning to read. But the hope is that everyone will enjoy them – because they’re about cats!

But here comes the twist: each story contains a bit of science – the idea being to get kids interested as they’re enjoying the tales.

It also has a ‘good’ English’ theme.

The book is electronic so we’ve got links to make it easy to follow up each topic.

Oh, and it’s illustrated with wonderful cartoons!!

You’ll love it – and, even more important, so will all the kids in your family.

You can find it at: