Avert The Eyes

P.G.Wodehouse’s injunction is perhaps appropriate because this site is really for entertaining non-biologists whilst helping them to keep up with the astonishing advances in cancer research.

This piece, we have to admit, is more of a professional plug. No, it IS a professional plug but I blame my publisher who sent me the review below with the instruction to be more dynamically self-promoting. So, with apologies for appearing to be auditioning for the oldest profession, I give you:

A review from the esteemed Choice Reviews Online of America of my textbook Introduction to Cancer Biology.

Choice Review ItCBIf anyone has friends or rellos studying biology, doing medicine or involved in teaching please pass on!!

Oh, and ask them to put comments (only 5-star of course) on Amazon!!

Next time we’ll get back to what this blog’s supposed to do!