Hunting Cancer and Other Diseases

I often make the point in these pages that we desperately need new and more sensitive ways of detecting cancers. One approach is to find molecules – biomarkers – that reflect their presence and can be readily detected in, say, blood samples. This is a specialised field – called metabolomics – essentially identifying chemical fingerprints. Those wanting to know more (a lot more!) can find it in a new book “Metabolomics and Systems Biology in Human Health and Medicine”, edited by Dr. Oliver Jones of RMIT University, Australia.

Oli Covre

The book provides a solid introduction to medical metabolomics and systems biology, showing how they have been applied to medicine and human health, including nutrition and pathogenic microorganisms. Following core themes of diagnosis, pathology and aetiology of disease, this book provides a reference for health care professionals interested in how to use metabolomics for medical research. Find out more at and anybody can get 20% off the price with code CCMSB20 before the end of 2014.